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Zwei kombinierte Stände mit Trockenfrüchten
Deutschland- Freienfels 2006

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3 stalls, 3 teatents, 1 Bookshop & 1 tent hotel

We gladly contribute to the success of your event with our unique range of products. Whether it is with our stall only, in combination with our teatent or with our historic book shop!

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Our Skills

Natural Products

No matter what we sell as food, it has to be natural! The same in our kitchen, fatfree falafel from our hot air friteuse create healthy and historic accurate food for your event!


We are working regularly in any country in between Portugal and Finland, so naturally everyone in our team speaks several languages.

Payment & Cash

We can accept any currency, even ApplePay, GooglePay, Paypal, Cryptocoins & any credit card. Often requested but rarely offered by traders: Customer can get cash from us deducted from their bank or credit card!

Historic Knowledge

For more than 30 years we do our own research in medieval history, and from 2018 on even in all eras of human kind at the LM-University in Munich during our studies in Archaeology. Also we are members of the German Orient Association, German Castle Association and EXARC.


We only use period material which can be seen, modern items are, if used, hidden to the customer's eye. For lighting we only use candles and oillamps.


In over 20 years we could gladly achieve our reliant reputation as a high quality historic gastronomic trader as well as a renown partner in contributing to the success of your historic event, no matter what era or subject!

Stay Social


Did you already hear of our own social network for living history and experimental archaeology?
Advertise your event in the international scenery, network with other organizers, develop new ideas, raise the quality and enjoy our heritage. Find new technical solutions and advise for your tasks...

Medieval World Convention

Meet and greet on another professional level! Every 2 years we organize a world meeting with conference, discussions, speaches, workshops, reenactment, living history, sport & effort...

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August 12-22th 2021

2. Medieval World Convention

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Events We work with

Freienfelser Ritterspiele

GERMANY - Since 2001
One of the biggest medieval festivals in Germany, with about 2.500 actors and up to 100.000 vistors

Viking Village

NORWAY - Since 2016
The famous 6 day viking market in a reconstructed viking village at the spot where they filmed VIKINGS

Medieval Festival Turku

FINLAND - Since 2018
The renowned festival with about 200.000 visitors in Finland.

Fous d'Histoire

FRANCE - Since 2003
French history markets and fairs all over the country: Pontoise, Avignon, Orange, Nantes, Dinan & Compiegne


BELGIUM - Since 2011
Big medieval reenactment camp and jousting, growing fast in size

International Reenactment Fair

GERMANY - Since 2012
A high quality international reenactmentfair on the site of a roman archaeological museum of a fully reconstructed roman villa

Dannenberg Convention

GERMANY - Since 2004
Official Season-Ending in Germany for Medieval-Reenactment camps with a camp (Approx. 1.000 participants) at the foot of castle Tannenburg - MAIN CATERER

Castillo del Belmonte

SPAIN - 2014
Stalls, Bavarian beer & Saladin's Restaurant with 100 seats during the 4 day World Championship - MAIN CATERER

Battle of the Nations Prague

Saladin's Oriental Specialities & Teatent - CATERER

Medeltidsveckan Visby

SWEDEN - Since 2016 
Yearly medieval week on Gotland with a big international medieval market, big programm and the whole city participating


DENMARK - Since 2016 
Yearly medieval festival at Esrum abbey with medieval market

Napoleonic Battle Schallaburg

AUSTRIA - 2009 
Napoleonic Battle Reenactment at Schallaburg Castle in Austria

Saladin'S stall


Dried Fruits

Oriental Specialities

Media & Bottled Historic Drinks


Saladin's Teatent

Visitors Shelter

Historic Drinks

Vegetarian Food

Oriental Restaurant

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Media (Music & Film)

Journals & Magazines

Used Books, Media & Homeorder

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Tent hotel

Sleep in a medieval castle

Experience Haderburg in South Tyrol

Feast in a medieval bathtub

Pure medieval atmosphere

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